Avez-vous quelque chose d'originale et authentique pour nous?


We buy 

If you have unique furniture or decoration for sale, please contact us. This might be an individual item or a whole collection. 

We propose two different buying transactions: 

1) Direct purchase: you sell, we buy. Direct payment in cash or via a bank transfer. This is the fastest way.

2) Progressive purchase: We take your items on consignation and we sell those items progressively by choosing the most appropriate sales channel (our own website, websites of third parties, auction house, online auctions,...). By doing so we can maximize the revenues, which is good for you and for us because we share the benefits. 
The second option is interesting if you are willing to wait a little longer.


We can carry out a free valuation.
Would you like to know the value of your objects? We can give you an indication of the value. If necessary we call on other experts.