pedestal, J&J Kohn, 19th century



An antique pedestal, plant holder or stool in bentwood and webbing. End 19th - beginning 20th century. Manufactured by Josef Jacob & Josef Kohn from Vienna, a famous designer and manufacturer of furniture in bentwood, just like Thonet. Kohn was working with designers like Josef Hoffman (Wiener Secession - Wiener Werkstätte), en Kohn manufactured his famous 'Sitzmachine'.
This solid pedestal is made of wood and has a green-bronze patine. On the bottom a shelf made of white marble. The webbing is damaged but can still be used as pedestal for flowers/plants.  
With a label in paper: Jacob & Josef Kohn, Wien. Semper Sursum. on the other side a stamp: J&J Kohn, Wsetin - Austria.
Height 75 cm, Diam 42 cm

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