engraving: pontoon bridge Scheldt, Antwerp, 1585



An engraving of the pontoon bridge with boats on the Scheldt in Antwerp, also known as the 'Farnese Bridge'. Title: “Pons Antwerpianus Scaldi impitus”. The bridge was built by Alexander Farnese, Duke of Parma, over the Scheldt to block Antwerp in 1585. Legend in Latin. Rare print. Dating from 1649 - 1651, Rome (see: Rijksmuseum https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/en/collection/RP-P-OB-79.991)
F. Strada, De Bello belgico decades duae auctiores et correctiores cum figuris encis prodeunt a Famiano Strada Soc: Jesu Romano Moguntiae 1651. Copy of the anonymous print in the original edition of 1647.
Framed in a wooden frame, slightly damaged. Broken glass. We can repair it if you want.
Frame dimensions: 42 * 37 cm, mat/engraving: 27 to 22 cm. From the old bookstore R. Van Bladel, Antwerp.

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