engraving Caspar de Robles in Groningen, +/- 1600


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An engraving of the arrest of the Spanish stadtholder Caspar de Robles in Groningen, November 23-25, 1576 (left); and the arrest of a monk Vasles from Zutphen (right). Published by Frans Hogenberg. According to Wikipedia, an engraving from series 7: Dutch history 1576-1577. From 1588.

We have also a similar engraving of "Count Johan Casimir, battle near Strasbourg, 1576". For the lot of 2 engravings: €250
Framed in a gilded frame, behind glass. Ready to hang.
Dimensions: 45.5*36 cm. Passe partout: 27.5*18.5 cm.

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